Pick'em Poker Strategy Guide

Pick'em Poker is among the variations of video poker that are easiest to play. Much like its name denotes the game involves picking cards from a stack dealt to a player, in an attempt to create the best hand with the greatest return. Given this simplicity, the game hardly needs anyone to be a proficient poker player.

A basic understanding of the different hands is all that is needed to start playing. Of course, like any other casino game, a couple of practice runs never hurt, and are encouraged for new players who want to gain some experience before playing for money.

Playing Pick'em Poker

The aim of Pick'em, as previously asserted, is to create the best possible hand. This happens to be the royal flush, which offers the highest payout. It’s a difficult hand to play, but playing against strong odds is exactly what casino gaming is all about.

Straight Flush - Pick'em

Basically, you are dealt two cards, face up. You will have another 3 cards, from the two stacks dealt, each with one exposed card, and two hidden. The stack you choose will determine the value of your hand, so needless to say, you need to pick the one that gives you the best chances of winning. The cards are randomly stacked, so the casino doesn’t possess any other than the mathematical advantage.

There are several traits that make Pick'em Poker such an attractive casino game:

  • The low bankroll requirement means you can indulge even when you don’t have much to spend.
  • Because the play and strategy are very simple, it takes little time to learn.
  • The game is also quick, so you can play very many games in a short duration of time, which increases your odds of winning if you are able to find a bonus that will move the odds in your favor.
  • This game has the high expected returns, and this makes it a particularly appealing game to those who like video poker.

Pick'em Poker Strategy

A strategy is necessary if you intend on winning at Pick'em more consistently. In a game where probabilities are calculable, a strategy ceases to be a choice, and becomes an obligation. A paytable is always provided by each video poker machine, so you can understand the payoffs, and the returns. However, these paytables do not serve to help you increase your chances of winning. They simply act as a guide to let you know when you do (or don’t).

In its most basic description a strategy in this context, is an outline of all the possible hands that you can hold in the game. Tabulated for easy reading, these strategy tables sometimes include the value of each probable hand, indicated as a percentage. These expected returns, as they are referred to, total to 99.95%, which is impressively high. The idea is to play the highest hand in the strategy table.

Basic Strategy Pick'em

Beside the conventional poker terms (royal flush, 3 of a kind, two pair, flush, and so on), there are other specialty terms used. High card is indicative of any card from 9 to Ace. Gaps indicate the number of gaps within a straight hand.

In a strategy table, it’s always recommended that you play the highest cards appearing on the strategy table. These often have the highest expected return. However, they are much harder to get. You can increase the chances of holding a really good hand (such as a high pair, or 3 of a kind) by playing more often. The laws of probability dictate as much. And with bonuses that allow betting on Pick'em Poker you can increase the payout over 100%. The best software tool available for creating advanced poker tables even for Pick'em with different than standard paytable is VP Strategy Master (screenshot above). For those who do not want to spend any extra money on this powerful software we provide basic Pick'em Poker strategy.

Learning the full pay Pick'em Strategy is necessary if you intend on playing Pick'em Poker regularly. You don’t have to master it, but it helps if you are completely familiar with it. Having the strategy will further your winning ambitions, and help you know when you have a hand that can be played at a much higher value. There is another excellent tool for learning and even mastering the strategy for Pick'em, the WinPoker (screenshot below). Which can be used to practice Pick'em and it will let you know in case of any mistakes you know. Both products, the VP Strategy Master with complete advanced strategy and WinPoker for practicing this strategy are not free. But at $59 for both programs, which besides Pick'em Poker include all the most popular video poker games including Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better those will be the best gambling money spent.

WinPoker training Software

One important advantage that is conveyed by the strategy table and proper practice is that they help you through some close call situations when your hand can be played in two probable ways. In these situations, the strategy table lets you know which combination will have a higher value, ergo, a higher payout. And the poker training software will let you do these proper decisions in full speed what can be really beneficial when taking advantage of bonuses or promotions that give you over 100% payout.

Comparison with Other Video Poker Games

Pick'em Poker has its own unique traits that differentiates it form other video poker games. However, it shares a similar heritage with the others, and therefore, it is not too different from the other games, once you start examining the shared characteristics.

Take Jacks or Better, for instance. Like Pick'em, it has low payroll requirements, the ranks of the hands are similar, and you are dealt five cards. However Pick'em has notably higher payouts and the numbers of hands that can be played are more significantly abundant. This makes Pick'em the more alluring choice.

Video poker machines are a fundamental part of any casino. With the numerous games they offer, Pick'em Poker is continuing to win over crowds, every time a daring player is bold enough to try it. This popularity is evidenced by the growing presence of the game in land-based casinos, where it was previously not as common. RTG casinos have Pick'em, so when you need the guarantee of finding the game, you know where to go. Remember to have your strategy with you to help you score better hands especially if you are playing for higher stakes.