WinPoker Video Poker Practice Software

WinPoker software is excellent video poker trainer for mastering perfect Pick'em Poker strategy. It is software from Zamzow Software Solutions the same company that created VP Strategy Master Software. Each of this video poker software tools comes with $29.95 price tag. If you have the budget available I can recommend both tools. But if I had to choose one of them then it would definitely be WinPoker. It's much more practical to learn and master the strategy at high speed which is possible thanks to this excellent piece of software. Rather than waste valuable time looking into strategy table generated by VP Strategy Master.

You can try WinPoker for free by downloading the shareware. Only one video poker games is available - Jacks or Better (in full version there are 23 games available including Pick'em Poker). Only quadruple multiplay mode is allowed in shareware. Autoplay, game analysis and paytables changes are also disabled.

The main feature of WinPoker is wide variety of video poker games it offers. You can practice strategy for most popular games like Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker or rarer games like Sevens Wild and of course Pick'em. Plus there is also option to add user defined games in case your local casino or favorite online casino features game that hasn't been added to the software yet.

WinPoker Game Selection

In the Options tab you can select various software options as sound, autoplay. 4 color suits, enable double up (it's 50:50 bet with 100% theoretical return but in software it's not included in the analysis - that's one of the misses), change paytables or enable autoplay. You can adjust speed of autoplay so that you have enough time to watch and learn all the hands that are autoplayed.

Autoplay mode

The Analyze tab is used to analyze various events: current session, overall play or any hand or game. The analysis will show you number of hands/coins played, time, hands per hour. Especially important is information about errors with number of minor, major or moderate errors as well as your return in comparison to theoretical return and the return percentage with cost of the errors made in coins.

WinPoker - Analyze

Probably one of the most important and useful features are the training modes which provide you various ways how to learn and practice Pick'em strategy. Autohold training mode will automatically show you which card to hold. This is especially useful for beginners. It's pretty much same like the autoplay option but you are confirming which card to hold so you have more time to study and understand the hand and strategy. Once you get the strategy basics and study the most tricky situation, like the ones we describe in post about Pick'em odds, you can proceed to Test training mode which will let you choose the card and once you make error the software will guide you to the correct decision (show you which card to hold). Very similar is Warn training mode which also shows you message in case you make error but it lets you to actually do this error. Show mode is also very similar. However it stops the game after each selection to confirm which card to hold so it's pretty slow. I prefer the warn/test mode as you can learn faster. You can also choose "None" as training mode and you will be on your own without any warnings or recommendation. Once you are able to keep the errors down in this mode you are ready to start playing Pick'em for real money. As for definition of minor or major errors you can set these up in cents (default is <$0.75 are minor errors and >$2.50 are major errors). Even in this mode you can get recommendation by pressing the "Best Play" button and details about return of each choice by clicking on "Details" button.

WinPoker - Warn Mode

You can choose up to 10 play in Multi-Play mode. However Pick'em is neither available in multi-play on the internet nor in WinPoker software. But most other video poker games can be practices also in multi-play.

Overall WinPoker is excellent piece of software that will teach you to play the best possible Pick'em strategy and thus reach the highest possible theoretical payout. It's worth every penny and with PS Strategy Master it provide complete solution to mastering any video poker game not just Pick'em. That makes it worth every penny.

If double up option wins/losses and how those affect variance were also included then it would be for me close to perfect. And inclusion of bankroll management computation would take it even closer. Another disadvantage is that it's basically only available for Windows operating system. I love the software on my convertible laptop with touch screen - it simulates the real touch screen video machines at the bar. Would be great if it would be also compatible with Android. Good news is that WinPoker for iOS has already been released with most of the features from the desktop version. And there are 31 games available. Unfortunately Pick'em Poker is missing.